A Venn diagram with an orange circle including a younger South Asian woman's face on the left side, a blue circle with an older East Asian woman's face on the left side, and the word ALL in the middle, joining section which is green.


Identity is essential to who we are and, often, the challenges we face. An identity-based connection can serve as a major source of joy and community. Are you searching for a mentor who can relate to you in this way? If you’re seeking a more personal, impactful relationship, this is the mentorship program for you. 

What is your role?

As a learner, you will be matched with an alum who shares one or more of your identities based upon the compatibility of your profiles—how often you’d like to meet, what you’d like to discuss, your communication preferences, etc. This formal mentor pairing will run for 4 months from  February through May.

You get to decide what that relationship looks like. Do you prefer to communicate via email, FaceTime, or Zoom? Do you want to discuss topics like benefits, financial literacy, or microaggressions? It’s up to you.

As a learner, you will have to opportunity to build connections and learn from every member of the ALL Program community through events, panel discussions, and more.

The ALL Program is intended to complement the Northwestern Network Mentorship Program. You can participate in one or both programs.

What’s the next step?

Registration is open from December through January 31, 2023.


  • Leaders and Learners register between December and January.
  • Matches are made in February.
  • Pairs will be matched through May.